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VOL.#9—“SURRENDER”—SURRE–END–ER (HERE)–LIFE series—Let’s Initiate Freedom Effortlessly.

Posted on: May 15, 2009

As per my perception,the prime most important energy needed for  inner freedom is that of surrender.To me it sounds like “sure end here”, end what? Well a lot of energies that actually come in the way of inner harmony.

We all have the controlling aspect within us because as children we received the same from our parents. We will be able to give what we best received. So of course when controlled we can only  offer the same to the world. When we notice and bring our controlling aspect into  attention and make a new choice of opening to surrender then we begin to be with the flow of life.To maintain inner harmony with divine law we all need to learn to surrender.”Not my will but thy will”.

The energy of control definitely has an immense amount of charge to it. It heightens and tenses everything within us.Like the bull  who snorts red rageful energies. So also a controlling person seems to be red and uptight with inner chaos and disharmony. The sentence that keeps echoing within such a psychopath personality is,” I am right and you are wrong.”

It is the law of the Universe when we try to push against an energy it in fact pushes us back with greater force. It’s like two warriors with swords fighting on a battlefield. Of course both are going to hurt themselves.Nobody wins here. When we tend to fight against what life offers us we in fact get more drowned in our own miseries.

In order to harmonise life, we need to allow,accept and be with reality with kindness. This means surrendering and accepting that whatever is here now is for my highest good. It means moving with the will of God. It means flowing and following the divine plan that is already planned for our individual lives.We all need to give ourselves to the rhythm of the Universe that allows life to pulsate harmoniously.

One needs to move with the current of life and accept reality as it is rather than move against it. We all need to learn surely to  end all our so called “shit” right here right now. For only when we accept and be with kindness with  our own “shit” then the inner “shift” occurs. When there is no inner fight, calmness and stillness arises.This feels like an inner void which allows the creation of a new way of being to unfold. It awakens the unknown.It brings in inner peace.

I can truly say that indeed there is an infinite power in Surrender. It allows the emergence of our life purpose to unfold in an harmonious manner and allows the smooth functioning of the human journey.


1. Use your free will to choose to change your attitude and renew your way of thinking about how you are going to live life.

2. Recognize and be aware of your inner resistance.To give up control is indeed very difficult and feels scary. Bring this into awareness. Feel your fears and be with it all without the need to do anything about it.

3. Breathe and allow yourself to fall and get lost in the unknown ( a new way of being)

4. Have faith and know whatever is for your highest good will unfold in your life. Allow,accept and flow with the Divine plan.

4. Surrender to the pain of letting go of control,giving up old aspects of your nature,old way of being. This pain is natural and needs to be felt so that you awaken to a greater way of being.

Surrendering brings in more peace, my friends. The load you normally carry will be lightened. The internal tension and stress that your body might be under will be decreased. This is likely to have a positive effect on your health.

More information on Surrender:


Infinite blessings.



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