Malajham’s Blog

Back Again.

Posted on: April 25, 2011

It has really been quite a while since I last wrote. As I sit listening to myself being kind to my own resistance and fears around starting to blog again.I feel the resistance melting into nothingness as I allow it to exist. “ALLOWING IT ALL TO EXIST.” This is an important learning for me. I do not have to fight it, change it, repair it, fix it, push it, perfect it…etc., I can allow it all it be here with kindness. Every aspect of myself has a place to exist just the way it is.It is the “ISNESS” that manifests the “BLISSNESS”. It is the allowing of the “EXISTENCE” that transforms and allows it all to exit into the nothingness. This helps me to stay centered in the present moment with all aspects of myself. I commit to more kindness. I am in gratitude to each being who has helped me understand and come to this state of realization. Infinte Blessings to all. May every being be free from pain and suffering by being with kindness to every aspect of existence.

1 Response to "Back Again."

Glad to see your post after ages!! Will call u tmrw.
Love as always,

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