Malajham’s Blog

My 45th year journey of “Being Human”.

Posted on: April 27, 2011

Wow!!! What a day!!! Enjoyed celebrating my 45th birthday  yesterday. Had a great time with the best man in my life, my husband and the best son in my world. Missed my elder son though.We were at the Burj Khalifa’s tallest restaurant in the world on the 123rd floor,”The Atmosphere Grill “. I feel that we can choose to be happy no matter what. Staying present is the key and I feel that I am being born with every inhale breath as I die and let go of all that does not serve me anymore with every exhale outbreath. It really makes me filled with gratitude for every human relationship. I am able to learn more aspects of myself as I encounter each relationship with kindness. This includes both the perfect as well as the imperfect relationships. This includes also the loving and hurtful ones. This also includes the kind and mean ones too. As I simply be and witness feel and experience every feeling evoked within myself with kindness, I allow more flow of the light within me. It helps me to light up even the dark places inside me. Wow what a learning journey is this human relationship. I am grateful for turning 45 with every life experience that has made me who I am today.Thanks to each divine being who has come into my life to fine tune me, polish me and awaken me to the truth of who I am. I am here today because of you so a Big” Thank You” and A “Warm Hug”.

May all beings be free from pain and suffering. May I learn and grow with each life experience. May I be aware and awake as much as I am able. May I continue to “BLOG: and “BELONG” into the existence of human reality.

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