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Posted on: April 30, 2011

As I continue to be consciously aware awake in the present a new spaciousness opens within me. I also start noticing the shifts in my outer world as the changes happen within. I am more accepting kind and compassionate in my relationships. I am a woman who can be with my own pain with kindness. I am a woman who can be with her own frozen emotions with kindness feeling them freeing them helps to trickle down into the human network on this planet and brings about the change that I long to see in this world. As our beloved father of our nation (India) Mahatma Gandhi said” Be the change that you wish to see in the world” It is not about me being the martyr, the saviour, the leader. It is about me taking responsibility for all aspects of myself.It is about being and following the divine plan. It is about allowing as that brings about the dissolving. It is about staying present and centered in the midst of chaos both within and around.

It is about  K=Kneeling humbly to aspects of self with kindness.

I=Identifying and staying present in the moment.

N=Nurturing self

D=Dawning into the new realization that comes through the entire process.

I am passionate about continuing the self improvement work. Choice is yours. My dear friends what do you wish to choose now?

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