Malajham’s Blog

My longing is to help my tribe transform from “TRI” (TRY) to “BE”. I am here to be of service to you.

Posted on: May 1, 2011

Personally I know, feel and understand the place of the “DOER” or rather the “OVER- DOER” very well. Being the eldest in my family and having learnt at a very young age to be an over-achiever and be the best. Having had to literally kill my self with all the anxiety, fears and nervousness of having to “DO” all the time, resulted in me being harsh and unkind towards myself. No time for self , no care for self, no compassion for self, no appreciation for self, in fact no awareness of self. What I was doing was continuous self betrayal. I was becoming a “Human Doing” instead of being a “Human Being”. Now,having been through this transformative  journey and being grateful to where I am today which is a place of self kindness, self love, self appreciation, self acceptance of everyone and everything has helped transform me from “TRYING” to “BEING”. I am grateful to every being who has come my way helping me  to become who I am today. I am here today accepting both my perfections as well as my imperfections with kindness.

This is truly my friends  and my dear ones my soul’s longing to help you discover an inner being that is waiting to shift from the human “DOING” towards the eternal light “BEING” that you and me truly are, have always been and will always be now and forever.

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