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Manifesting a new world.

Posted on: May 2, 2011

Each one of us carries deep within our subconscious our historical, ancestral belief patterns through which we begin to view the world. We see ourselves and everyone else through our own history.HIS (ancestral) STORY becomes MY STORY.Each one of us needs to take responsibility to make new choices and move ahead leading to new ways of thinking,acting,being as this is true evolution. We need to be aware and conscious of the choices we make to manifest  a new world. The major issues usually being that of power and control. Every generation past, present and future wants power and control. I am right, you are wrong. It is my way or the high way.This is one of the causes leading to chaos within and around.

I choose to make different choices. I choose to first allow the existence of the history that resides within my genes, my cells with kindness. It is acceptance that allows the historical sea within me to calm. It is like welcoming every guest that enters my mind (thoughts), body (sensations and feelings) with kindness. Tolerating and staying present with each guest that is knocking at my door. For it is only when I stop resisting that it no longer persists. This is a constant spiritual practice that helps and allows me to stay calm, centered and at peace within and around. I begin to watch, observe thus becoming aware and awake in the moment. It helps me to make new choices thus transforming my history and freeing me from the bonds of belief patterns that no longer serve me or my evolving generation. This is what is creation and evolution into a new way of being. This is what brings in softness, tenderness,kindness and compassion. This helps me be open hearted.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful that each one of us choose to commit to our own inner growth and take responsibility to enter the inner world to witness experience and release the inner  drama ,to not react from history. To be who we are in every moment for we are changing. growing and evolving with every breath.

May we sow the seeds of kindness within the trillions and billions and millions of cells in our body to manifest a new world of kindness.

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