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Balance :

Posted on: May 7, 2011

Imagine the batteries that run our tape recorders. One end is negative; one end is positive. Now, it doesn’t mean that the negative end is bad or the positive end is good, but that they are opposite charges. Both charges are necessary to run the tape recorder. Similarly, we live in a world of duality that contains the opposites.  Both the opposites are needed to make us whole.
We live in a physical universe that consists of many opposites. This polarity can be found in all things including our emotions and feelings. For example, we know that for sadness there is joy, for love there is fear, for hatred there is compassion, for anger there is forgiveness, and so on.
Each of us then, has masculine and feminine energy within us. Together those energies act like a battery. They are the fuel that allows us to be who we are in this dimension. We need to develop an intimate relationship with them.This allows for the ultimate balance, the ultimate integration of energies in this dimensional reality.
We need to allow and accept every energy and invite it like a guest who is at our door and welcome it with kindness.We need to make a conscious choice to allow it to exist. When we intend to hold both the opposites within our own body simultaneously. It is then that we create an internal charge of oneness,wholeness that awakens the presence of the “I AM”, the eternal truth of who we are gets ignited in our body,mind and spirit.
It is then that we come into synch and balance within and around in all aspects of our lives.

Without balance, life can become messy. The very definition of balance is simply having things in equal proportion—a harmonious arrangement of elements within a whole.

Spiritual Balance is the root of happiness; it is joy, bliss, unconditional love, harmony, living in the flow, a sense of unity, and a calmness about your life, your transitions and the changes you’re going through.

Balance is a journey, not a destination. Balance suggests you put your will in harmony with the Universe; that you live in the flow with the Universe.

This is a constant practice to bring about balance in a dual world.

A Poem about allowing opposites:

I am the feminine.
I am the masculine.
I am one and I am both.
My darkness can be trying.
My lightness can be blinding.
But in balance there is harmony.
There is always a choice to make.
Which one will it be?
The path of surrender,
Or the one of resistance?
They both lead to the same goal.
The darkness is only the void
That you travel from time to time.
The lightness is the intuition that
Gently guides you from within.
The resistance is to fight the elements.
The surrender is to embrace the flow.
How many falls will you create before
You walk on steady ground?
Which is better for you?
Harmony and freedom,
Or chaos and turmoil?
What about balance and stability?
I am Yin and I am Yang.
And I can be all that at once.
The choice is yours to make.

May all beings embrace everything to awaken wholeness within.

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