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As I continue sharing  the journey of dissolving  old belief patterns. We also need to start looking at the shadow sides of our being. Our shadows are often sinister and rejected aspects of our being, so there is explicit undeveloped potential in them. We are not aware of it, because anything that is unconscious is just that. Everyone has a Shadow.  I believe that “talking” with and somehow coming to terms with the Shadow self is essential for self-awareness.

Quantum Physics teaches that nothing is fixed, that there are no limitations, that everything is vibrating Energy.

As per the society norms and rules and as per our culture, environment that we reside within, there are certain energies like anger,hatred,jealousy,manipulation etc., that we are not meant to feel. These are considered bad. From our childhood we learn that we need to be “good” children and we are not supposed to have these bad energies within us. So we learn from a very young age to deny these aspects of ourselves. Alas, my dear friends these energies do not go anywhere but they start to build up in our psyche (subconscious,unconscious) like a volcano waiting to explode and come out. When we deny these aspects we  start projecting them on the outside world. We become enslaved by these energies. As we know that what we resist persists thus in the  same manner these energies termed bad start to master us and rule our lives.

For e.g. we have all experienced mood swings wherein we do not know why all of a sudden we feel that uncontrollable burst of rage that comes out from nowhere either on our friends,spouses or for that matter anybody else whom we are in relation. We do have the choice and the power to dissolve these unconcious repressed energies from our psyche by the shadow process.

My dear friends we need to start looking at our shadow stuff and start the process of accepting and embracing all aspects of ourselves with kindness.Both the perfect as well as the imperfect for only in that process  lies true experience of inner freedom. The process of facing our demons begins with awareness and acceptance  of the demons with kindness.When we face them they  start to loose their power over us.

According to Debbie Ford,author of ” The Dark side of the light chasers”, the Shadow Process gives us access to loving all of ourselves. This deep and profound work teaches us how to love each and every aspect of our humanity. It enables us to embrace both the darkness of our smallest self and the brilliant light of our highest self. Making peace with our dark side is a sacred journey. It demands rigorous honesty, courage and a great deal of compassion. Embracing our shadow delivers us emotional wholeness and the absolute freedom to be who we are. When we are filled with self-love and self-appreciation, we automatically attract the miraculous experience of love and appreciation from others.

Until we make peace with our shadow we will continue to be at war with ourselves and with others too. Until we feel authentic compassion for each and every aspect of ourselves, we will continue to draw forth people and events that will mirror the negative feelings we have about ourselves.Until we take back our power and forgive ourselves for being human we will attract people who push our buttons and reactivate our emotional wounds. And until we find the courage to love ourselves completely, we will never truly be able to experience the love from those around us.

Embracing  the shadow is the greatest gift that each of us can give to ourselves. Each aspect of our shadow helps us in uncovering our true light.

What the Shadow Process provides is a way to love what we have feared, to decode the messages we receive from within and to unleash the power that is hidden within us. When we stop judging yourself and welcome the lessons of the Shadow, only then can we walk in the power of our Shadow.


1.Set the intention to be honest with yourself and journal different aspects of yourself that have been repressed and rejected by you for a long time.

Write down everything all your faults, idiosyncrasies, downfalls, etc. Everything that you think is wrong or bad or needs to be changed about yourself.It should all be listed on the paper. Now read it over aloud. Read it again and again…as many times as it takes for you to not be ashamed, upset, guilty or to have any reaction to the words.

2. Feel the sensations that the above process evokes in your own body. Witness and experience them with kindness. Tolerating all with kindness. Breathe  promising to be with all aspects of your shadow self. Do not abandon,reject,repress,judge or deny them any more.

This starts a process of creating an inner shift  of the  frozen energies held in the shadow. It starts to open and unwind an inner spaciousness inside your own body. You are welcome to place your own hands on your body where you feel discomfort. Remember to stay with it throughout the entire process.

3. Once the energy has been drained off your Shadow qualities, then read the paper over again, but add “I forgive myself and release all judgment over _____. (whatever the quality was.) Do this as many times as is necessary for you to feel an inner unwinding and opening of inner spaciousness.

4. Allow your body to release the judgment and express your newfound freedom. Dance with your Shadow, waltzing with it in your arms like an old lover. Raise energy by dancing to anchor the  shadow unwinding ritual in your reality.

When you’re finished dancing, look into the mirror and tell yourself sincerely how fabulous you are, perceived faults and all.

Have a celebration of cakes and wine and allow your Shadow to integrate into you fully.

Be your whole self from now on.

The above process is simply the beginning. This is a journey that one needs to be committed to practicing on a daily basis for as long as we live here on this Earth. We have trillions and billions of cells in our physical body that carry the hidden aspects in us. Begin today with loving kindness and dedication to doing the shadow process.

Welcome  and honor yourself for doing  the work of inner freedom and liberation as we continue to breathe on Mother Earth.


First let me introduce myself. I am a Wellness consultant and a seeker committed to my own self growth.I am married with a warm hearted,kind,generous husband for the past 23 years and two young boys aged 21 and 17 years. For me my own personal transformation started 14 years back. I was a totally different person 14 years back. In a kind of a maskie  trance where I was not at all in touch with my self. Not only that I was not at all present in my own body.A feeling of being lost. A woman filled with self denial,self rejection,defensive and unhappy with life. Inspite of the inner turmoil and chaos of which I was totally unaware and unconscious. I did have an inner longing to discover another way of being.

There were unanswered questions that I was waiting patiently to be answered and knew that yes one day will come wherein I will find the happy world that I long to be a part of in this life. It is this inner hunger to discover that attracted Reiki into my life. Ever since that first day of Reiki things have never been the same. There was a light that got ignited in the inner darkness. There was a silent song that I felt in my own body. There was a taste of peace that I started to experience in my bodily system. I noticed that my life  started to show changes towards the better  in every segment.It was then that I realised that all out there was the same but my own inner perception towards myself had started to change. This inner change was the  prime factor in creating the outer changes.

I started on my self growth journey and still I am continuing to learn as I travel on this path. Yes I am grateful to all those people who helped me get to this place of inner freedom and from hereon I shall share my learnings as my longing is to serve unconditionally and help make a difference to you.

Beginning with my first volume of the LIFE series. Please allow me to express and share a little about how we all come into this world with a blueprint of the belief patterns that lie unconscious. The unconscious is actually ruling our entire life. Right from the  time as conceived beings in our mother’s womb we are all taking in everything that our mother feels.For e.g. mom feels upset frustrated and thinks that nobody is here for me—-the first deposit of a belief in the conceived baby’s system. Throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy thousands of  belief patterns already formed and stored in the baby’s cells.

Coming out of the birth canal more terror as it is scary to go through that experience where everything seems to be a struggle not only for mom but also for baby.Another belief formed”It is all a big effort”,”The world is scary”,”It is painful”…..etc.,

We are all vibrational beings and attract unto us and create our life circumstances based on these unconscious belief patterns.We have two choices either to blame everybody including mom and dad or to stop and choose to start working on melting the unconscious belief patterns that have been enslaving our lives.We need to stop blaming the outside for our life and start looking deep within.We need to start taking responsibility to bring about the change within thus manifesting change in our outer lives too.

Life is a mirror—-we see and experience outside what is stored inside. Wake up as change is possible. I have experienced it and offer support and assistance to you as we all have the power to change it all.

This is very well explained by Abraham- Hicks whose quote is attached below:

We are all Vibrational Beings. You’re like a receiving mechanism that when you set your tuner to the station, you’re going to hear what’s playing. Whatever you are focused upon is the way you set your tuner, and when you focus there for as little as 17 seconds, you activate that vibration within you. Once you activate a vibration within you, Law of Attraction begins responding to that vibration, and you’re off and running–whether it’s something wanted or unwanted—-Abraham Hicks quote on the law of attraction—

Once the awareness is awakened that I am the creator of my own reality and now that I understand this I am willing to move towards starting to initiate the inner shifts.

So let’s begin with a few simple tips:

1. First go and stand in front of a mirror and simply start really looking at yourself. Be conscious and aware of everything that gets triggered with this simple exercise.

You may notice a lot of  self judgements creeping in—-like”I am fat” ” I am ugly”…..etc., Simply breathe and notice these with kindness. Allow them to be present without having to change them at all. Do not deny any thought. Let it all be present. Tolerate,allow,feel it all. Your mind may start wandering and you may notice that you drifted away. Let that be present too with kindness. Be aware of everything with kindness.

2. Notice what happens in your body—–Probably you may not be aware of your body at all. Simply notice and bring it into your awareness. Once you are aware and in touch —-start feeling the sensations —–hot,cold,tight,tense,numb,gurgly etc., Notice,feel,witness,experience bodily sensations throughout the entire body. Breathe and stay with these sensations with kindness. No need to change them,fix them,control,deny or stop anything. Simply being present in the moment with all aspects of self with kindness. You are welcome to place your hands on your own body if this feels right to you and is helpful to you in staying present.

3. Stand up and bend your knees, soft knees. Keep your spine straight and keep eyes focussed on the floor in front of you. Take a single point and stay focussed. Breathe. Bring your awareness to your feet. Breathe. Visualise roots like the roots of a tree growing from beneath your feet and anchoring deep into the hot molten core of the earth. Stay with your breath. Notice and be aware of what happens in your body.

Do the above daily initially for 1-2 minutes and then gradually increasing it to 5 minutes.

Share your experiences as we could start a discussion together on this first tip of the “LIFE—-LET’S INITIATE FREEDOM EFFORTLESSLY”  series.

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