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Mala Jham is a graduate of Bombay University, she studied Commerce and Accounting at college. However, since marriage and motherhood, her interests have drawn her into the field of complementary therapies.

Her training began with Reiki and she earned her Masters qualification in 1999. In addition to the traditional Usui system, she is one of a very small number of healers in Dubai who is trained in all the seven systems of Reiki. Internationally known healer and teacher, Simon Treselyan from the UK, steered her Reiki training.

Mala is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan school of healing sciences, USA. She is also a certified Brennan Integrated practitioner and Supervisor.

Meanwhile, Mala also completed her studies in Rebirthing and Transformational Breathwork with Transformations Inc., USA. Her other training includes Etheric Healing, Pranic Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Melchizedek Method, Crystal Healing therapies, Reflexology and Cranio-sacral therapy. She is pursuing teacher’s training in the Continuum Movement.

Mala is a certified Self help Jin Shin Jyutsu instructor and has also served as an official organiser for the Jin Shin Jyutsu seminars in the UAE for a term of five years. Mala has been interviewed by the radio and television media on several occasions and has had the opportunity to air her own talk show in the UAE. She has been invited as an official speaker at several well being conferences. She specializes in individual, group as well as corporate trainings.

Mala is now eager to share the fruits of all her learning globally and is committed to creating health and healing within and around.

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4 Responses to "About"

Dear Mala:

Self-improvement is a topic close to my heart. I thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with us. I am part of a self-improvement group that meets every other Wednesday. We are part of a bigger group that was started by the legendary trader Ed Seykota ( In our meetings every member is encouraged to discuss any issues they have with spouse, children, employees etc and feel the feeling until it is dissolved and the tension released. This is called the trading triibe process (TTP).

I am posting a write up of one of the session where I brought up a personal issue and what went on in the meeting to help me solve my problem.

Sun, 2 Mar 2008

Rocks Process –

Implementing New Resources for Marriage

Dear Ed,

I trust all is well and things are going your way.
Attached is write up of the rocks process I did.

I thank you for everything and God bless.


Feb 10, 2008

I get another opportunity to attend a tribe meeting in [City] conducted by you. I have an issue with my spouse making sure I can get simple things done to the tee and you employ the rocks process to figure out the problem and give me a resource rock to better cope with such situations.

My spouse leaves the house to go to the airport to take an overseas flight to visit her family. At the last minute, she leaves some towels in the washer and requests me to dry them when I get home later that night. I dry the towels.

The first time she calls from overseas she inquires if I dried the towels. I reply in the affirmative and then she wants to know if the towels are completely dry. I get upset with this line of questioning as it makes me feel that I cannot dry towels and get angry. I tell my spouse that I run a successful business and support the entire family and she makes me feel nervous and incompetent when probing deeper into whether I fully dried the towels.

You say, “Let’s look at the question.” and further go on to say “Let’s find it’s positive intention … perhaps your spouse has a case of mildew phobia. If towels are not completely dry then they will smell the next day and have to be washed again”. I am totally stunned to notice that you do not agree with the way I feel.

One tribe member is assigned to play the role of my spouse. The telephone conversation with my spouse regarding dried towels is enacted. It is apparent that I get angry when asked if I completely dried the towels. You encourage me to go into my past and remember a few situations where I get upset when somebody questions my decision on anything that I have done.

I recall buying a Gillette state of the art razor when I am 22 years old. My father finds out about it and is not a happy camper. He thinks it is not necessary to buy an imported razor because it is too expensive. I tell him that the razor gives a smooth shave without any cuts. He disagrees and since in our culture we bow down to the parent’s decision, I have to give in. I quietly complain to my mother and she calms me down by saying my Dad always thinks the best for us.

I also remember another situation when I want to transfer to a different college mid-way into the year because the current one is too far from home. Since under our college system the transfer cannot take place until the “new” school year starts, I am willing to lose a year and don’t care if the family’s image or my reputation of being a good student is tarnished.

Two additional tribe members are assigned to play the role of my parents. The entire Gillette razor episode is enacted as it happened more than three decades ago. During the process my mother gives me the medicinal rock to medicate the frustration of giving in to elder’s decisions.

I get a new resource rock with several new resources to replace anger and frustration as listed below:

1. Ask more about the issue at hand.
2. Ask the other person how he/she feels about the issue.
3. Tell the other person how I feel about the issue.
4. Use humor to diffuse the tension.
5. Accept the status quo as it seems to be the best solution under the circumstances.

The towel drying issue is re-enacted. I ask my spouse if she can explain why towels should be completely dry. She tells me that towels not dried completely smell the next day and have to be rewashed. I thank her for the information.

The razor issue is re-enacted. I ask my father why I should not buy the Gillette razor. He explains that there are razors out in the market that are as good as Gillette and cheaper. I tell him I will consider buying one of them and save some money.

In the transfer of college situation I end up telling my mother I am better off by staying in the present college until year end and then initiate a transfer.

While re-enacting each issue employing the new resource rock, I tend to go back to my old ways of responding to spouse, father and mother. You warn me not to use old ways of dealing with these situations.

Initially I find it difficult to stay the course and at one point you get pretty upset at me for not using the new resource rock and ask me if I was trying to waste your valuable time by not following your advice.

Angrily you tell me to quit TTP completely as it is not my cup of tea. Now I love to be a part of the TTP and the fear of being thrown out of my local tribe sets fear in my mind. I feel this urgency to get back on track and follow your recommendations on how to respond in these situations using the new resource rock. I use this scolding as a wake up call to get with the program and finish the process with flying colors.

In the next few weeks I talk to my spouse for over 500 minutes on the phone without any arguments. I carry the resource rock with me all the time and press it when confronted with difficult situations and handle then correctly. My spouse came back ten days ago and we had a few disagreements but nothing serious.

I believe what I learnt from the rocks process is helping me tremendously to improve my relationship with my family and friends.

Thank you Ed for your valuable time and all the things you do to improve our lives.

Yours truly,

Keep up the good work Mala.

Sincerely yours,


Dear Suresh

Thanks for your kind acknowledgement of my work. Yes this is very much my heart’s longing.

I have been working on myself and know that change is possible only when I change.

I believe in Mahatma Gandhi’s words,”Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

I truly honor your dedication and comittment to self improvement.

Glad to connect with like-minded people on this path.Do stay in touch.

Thanks for sharing the courageous work that you undertook to initiate change.

In Gratitude and Loving Service,


Dear Mala:

What a beautiful article on Forgiveness! We must not only forgive people who have hurt us but also forget the incident(s) that soured the relationship with them. Only then is the cycle complete and some of the excess baggage from self is removed.

In our self-improvement meeting tomorrow, I intend to practice on the art of forgiving.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Best Wishes,

Dear Suresh,

I am grateful to know you. You truly are a conscious being. Remember to honor and acknowledge this quality in yourself.

In Gratitude and with humility and Grace,

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